Our Services

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Original Music Composition & High Quality Cover Versions.

LBS has been producing award winning original and stylised music for commercials since 1982 & our work has appeared on every UK commercial radio station, UK Television & Satellite stations, as well as Spotify, YouTube & plenty of other media. Our facilities are housed in the former Strawberry & Yellow 2 studios where legendary acts such as The Stone Roses, James, Happy Mondays, The BBC orchestra ,The House Martins and many more legends have created some truly epic recordings. (OK -and some proper lemons too!)

Need a jingle? Whether it’s Dulux, Nissan UK, Have I got PPI?, We Buy Any Car or Hastings Direct, LBS can give any brand large or small, a real sonic edge. Our amazing collection of vocalists, artistes & session musicians built up over decades of creative endeavour, can be heard in the charts- they even pop up as finalists on TV shows such as The Voice & The X factor!

Rather than boxing ourselves in with a ‘signature sound’ and delivering music featuring the same old in-house singer, we’ll always aim to keep things fresh & diverse.

So, got a brief ? Catchy or cool? You call the tune….We’ll treat every project as a unique opportunity to assemble the perfect line up to do the job as well as we can.

Voices for video

Training videos, How-to videos, B2B videos..On hold messages, however multifaceted your multimedia may be, if you need a voice finding & recording, we’d be happy to help cast the perfect fit. With over three decades worth of contacts across the globe, we’ve an incredible talent pool of international, regional & RP style voices on tap.

Commercial Production

Building a commercial, 'from brief to broadcast' involves many processes. Feel free to dip in and out of our creative audio services as you wish, or simply leave it all to us. We have a complete production package that covers every angle. LBS work under contract to radio stations as well as on a project basis for advertising agencies and direct clients. It’s a winning formula. Take a look at our Awards page for the proof of the pudding.

Voice Casting and showreels for voice overs

There are thousands of voice artists & actors out there and sometimes it can be difficult to see the Victoria ‘Wood’ for the Sean ‘Pertwee’. Without wishing to name drop here, (we’ve a separate ‘talent’ web page for that), LBS can help. Whatever the criteria, vocal style, language, or budget, we can match the right voice talent to your scripts. LBS have links to agents worldwide and extensive experience of working with leading voice artists. Got a voice? Whether you’re an aspiring voice actor or firmly established a credible voice reel is a must. LBS can help you make a good impression, with a punchy showreel. Please contact us for more details.

Library Music

Looking for something a little more elevated than elevator music? When time and money are in short supply, library tracks can be a cost effective solution for many campaigns. Both MCPS and Non-MCPS buyout libraries are available at LBS, together with a selection of our own material. Please get in touch for more details.

Music Copyright

Does your next campaign centre around a well know song? If you plan to use commercially released music you will need licences from both the publisher and the record company**.

LBS will negotiate all this on your behalf and give you any help and advice you need.

**As an alternative to buying the rights to the original recording, once you have paid the publisher to use a particular song you should then commission LBS to re-record the track. This way, you'll end up with a custom piece of work, to suit your project & you’ll make quite a saving, as a record company licence fee for the original recording is usually 100% of the publishing!

On occasion, a parody style track may be a credible option. We could capture the spirit of any target track &  thus free up costly publishing fees altogether. 

Copy Writing and Clearance

Attention grabbing ideas. We love dreaming them up. At LBS, the business of turning a brief into an entertaining and effective commercial is at the heart of what we do. We'd be happy to discuss your next brief with you. If your radio commercial script is already written but you need help getting it cleared for transmission by the RadioCentre, just ask us. We can also advise on controversial subject matter before its submission.

Remote Studio Links

We can link up & record in real time from studios around the world or just around the corner. Through use of ISDN & IP to IP software such as Source Connect & Steinberg's brilliant VST Connect Performer, we're now free to record who we want when we want them, without any geographical limitation. In simple terms, high quality audio can be sent and received in real time as easily as sending & receiving an e-mail. In even simpler terms, it means voice overs can be in a studio almost anywhere, and you can record & interact with them, live and to broadcast quality. Ready..Set..Connect!!


Podcasts & Studio Hire

Not every job is a complex production number. If you simply want to drop by to record a voice artist you've booked yourself, or assemble a podcast, book in a radio interview, we'd be delighted to help. We’re in south Manchester, 20 minutes from Media City. Get in touch, a top notch studio with an experienced producer / engineer awaits.

Audio Formats & R128 mixing

We care about sound quality, from 5.1 WAV to MP3, you name it, we'll convert audio to and from all the leading file formats & specs. We can then deliver files either electronically or by disc and flash drive.

Sound Effects

The use of spot effects and atmospheres can make or break a production. LBS holds a collection of many hundreds of thousands of effects which we regularly update. The effects are stored digitally and can be accessed by all our studios. A three legged elephant swimming the Channel in fog is one of our favourites.