Studio Tour

LBS has a suite of three air conditioned studios in Stockport, South Manchester. From here we can connect to partner studios around the world using ISDN and IP technology.

Studio A

studio A

Studio A is our largest and most sophisticated facility. It’s a music studio with surround sound capabilities, voice booths, live and foley areas. Studio A has a relaxed atmosphere that makes it the perfect environment for larger agency production sessions.

Studio B

studio B

Studio B is the workhorse of our production hub. It’s equally at home recording radio commercials, e-learning material or connecting to studios around the globe for multi-lingual projects. It takes client sessions in its stride with plenty of comfy seating.

Studio C

studio C

Smaller, but no less flexible, studio C deals with the nuts and bolts of everyday production work. With access to four voice booths, multiple ISDN links and our networked production resources, who says size is important?