Music Composition

Commissioned Music

LBS has been producing award winning original and stylised music for commercials since 1982. Our artistes & musicians can be heard in the charts and regularly appear on TV!  Our facilities are housed in the former Strawberry & Yellow 2 studios where legendary acts such as The Stone Roses, James, Happy Mondays, The House Martains and many more have created some classic recordings. We don't simply adapt our own style to answer your brief. We treat every project as a unique opportunity to assemble the right composers and musicians to do the job as well as we can. Commissioned music doesn't need to be expensive. Catchy or cool?... You call the tune.

Library Music

Exclusively for commercial use, library tracks can be a cost effective solution for many campaigns. Both MCPS and buyout libraries are available at LBS, together with a selection of our own material. We can also deal with the licensing paperwork for you.

Music Copyright

If you plan to use commercially released music you will need licences from both the publisher and the record company.

LBS will negotiate all this on your behalf and give you any help and advice you need.

As an alternative to buying the rights to the original recording, once you have the paid the publisher why not commission LBS to re-record the track? This way, you'll end up with a custom piece of work, to suit your project and you will avoid the need for a pricey record company licence. On occasion, a parody style track may be a credible option. We could caputre the spirit of the target track &  thus free up costly publishing fees altogether.